Monday, November 28, 2011

An Apple A Day

In today's generation, grabbing the space your eyes are focused on is worth more than words can describe. One company fantastic at the art of this tactic is Apple Inc.  Its seems as if everywhere we go we are bombarded with Apple advertisements, products, and a general Apple buzz.  Just 10 years ago, the leader in brand recognition was - without any trace of a doubt - Nike Inc.  That ubiquitous "Nike Swoosh" seemed to have penetrated into the minds and bodies of 1990's youth.  The swoosh was everywhere, on the sides of football helmets, the backs of running shoes, and even the covers of high school classroom binders.  It seemed as if everywhere you went, there was a swoosh hiding around the corner, waiting to jump out at you and entice you to purchase yet another Nike product.  Nike stock (NKE) has generally over the last decade, continued to grow in share price and is now safely pushing the 100 a share price.  Has the swoosh disappeared from our culture?  Absolutely not.  Has it taken a back seat to a newer, more innovative predecessor?  I suggest so.

Established on April 1st, 1976 in Cupertino California, Apple Inc. was established by three young entrepreneurs, the most well known of which was the late Steve Jobs.  After thirty years, on January 9th, 2007, the company dropped the word "computer" from its official title of "Apple Computer Inc." showcasing its transition from a mere computer company, to an all inclusive technology super company.  Apple Inc. quickly and powerfully became the most valuable company in the world, ahead of rival Microsoft, and oil giant Exxon Mobil.  Today, apple is valued at a whopping $338 Billion Dollars.

What is it about that pleasant yet futuristic Apple logo that allows it to replace the dominating force of the Nike Swoosh which was so prevalent only few decades ago?  First of all, its presence in today's world is near overpowering.  From the billboards in every major city, to the master-marketed 30 second ad spots, to the proliferation of Apple devises in many sectors of technology and business, Apple's "FaceTime" and interaction with the masses is surely second to none.  Let us for a second focus on a few features of their logo which stand out in relation to other company's.

Simplicity.  Nothing is more innocent that a plump apple missing a perfectly bitten piece, with its halo like stem floating above.

Statement.  The logo shares in definitive terms the name of the company.

Prevelance.  Apple is everywhere.  From the back of your cell phone, to the top of your notebook, to the entrance of the lincoln tunnel, the simple apple icon has more exposure than any other company in America.

Placement.  Take any of the apple devices and technology aside, they have one thing in common:  they exhibit absolutely no form of visual communication to the outside other than the ubiquitous apple logo.  Take for example, their line of laptops.  When closed the logo surprisingly faces AWAY from the user.  Open the device, and brilliantly, the icon appears right side up, a beacon of advertising power to all those in the audience.  Even on their best selling device, the Apple iPhone, the user has absolutely no text, characters, or logos facing them when in use.  The brilliantly shining Apple logo and information about the phone is proudly on display to those on the outside.

When taken as a broad picture, Apple today is more than a company.  Apple is a culture, Apple is a cult, and Apple is an enterprise.  No wonder they possess the fastest selling, most talked about technology in the world.